Development of various other solutions and applications for different clients including eGovernment systems, Retail, Energy, Travel solutions and many more

eGoverment System

eGovernment system for the support of employment

Capital City Portal

All-purpose website for the capital city Prague

City District Portal

Capital city district portal for residents supporting social life in the capital

Flight Ticket Booking Engine

Developing and integrating an engine to provide flight ticket search options

Spatial Intelligence Platform

Developing the most reliable maps uniting physical and virtual worlds

Optimization Tasks Calculation Software

Calculating optimization tasks through user interface

Out-of-home Advertising Solution

Marketing application for a global digital marketing agency

Technical Support of Education

Technical solution for a language proficiency support software

Data Analytics Infrastructure

Preparing data analytics infrastructure for a big electronics seller

Data Processing Software

New solution for parallel data processing and file generation

Pipeline Planning App

Gas pipeline planning application for technical staff

Product Team Support

Supporting a product team with automatization and architecture design

Setting Up a New Project

Development team and software architecture setup

On-premise Kubernetes Cluster

Building custom Kubernetes cluster running on internal infrastructure

Document Verification Tools

Verifying identity and document authenticity

Application for Kiosks

Miscellaneous frontend development for a network of kiosks

Custom Monitoring Apps

Monitoring the operation of industrial machinery in the energy sector

Satellite Data Processing App

Processing data from various sources such as GPS navigation and satellites

Dynamic Pricing Engine

Automating product pricing based on price proposal models

Warehouse Management System

Ensuring the quality of a custom warehouse management system

Installation Documenting Software

Documenting installations of turbines and power generation machinery

Platform Preventing Financial Crime

Modernizing cloud-native platform fighting financial crime

Agile Agenda for a Squad Team

Ensuring the efficiency of development and team coordination

System Stabilization and Optimization

Stabilizing and optimizing a business-critical system used for online betting

Proof of Concept Creation

Creating new proof of concepts and developing framework accelerators

Map Generation Software

Providing on-demand map generation of buried network infrastructure

Performance Prediction Application

Building a brand new application to predict compressor performance

Electronic Filing Service

Handling the entire document lifecycle process and filing service