Microservices and cloud development for a spatial intelligence platform

With our long-term partner, we are developing a solution that helps businesses become more spatially intelligent. The end client provides the most reliable maps uniting the physical and virtual worlds in 2D and 3D and also operates live traffic services in 42 countries. The map reliability and accuracy is achieved by constant changes and updates to the maps.

Digging deeper

  • Backend of the solution is written in Golang
  • The whole project is 100% done in cloud using microservices architecture
  • Working on the implementation of various microservices including integration tests
  • Deployment to Kubernetes and AWS
  • Training new colleagues who are continuously joining the project


Use Cases

Spatial Intelligence
Data visualization, insights generation, map creation, services generation, etc.
Location solutions
Solutions for fleet management, supply chains, connected driving and automated driving using detailed location data
Adaptable for many different markets and sectors.
Public services
Helping with infrastructure planning, public safety and urban mobility
Supporting many features
Routing, geocoding, map rendering, position pinpointing, etc.
Flexible plan pricing
Possibility to use services individually or together with pay-as-you-grow option