Infrastructure map generation software

Our team is developing an on-demand map generation software that provides users with maps of buried network infrastructure. The system is built on microservices architecture and deployed in Azure cloud. The application is legally compliant and allows users to store requested official documents with map documents.

Digging deeper

  • Designing and developing microservices architecture
  • Securing DevOps infrastructure in the Azure DevOps product
  • Building and releasing the product for Windows and Linux systems
  • Infrastructure optimization and new architecture proposals
  • Connecting other microservices with ArcGIS products
  • Versioning automation
  • UX design is being developed in parallel


Use Cases

24/7 service
Data access available anytime from anywhere
Intuitive experience
Completely self-serve process to order a map document
Automated data delivery to service the order of plans
Order management
Archive, store, monitor, and review transaction information over time
Device optimization
Optimized for web browsers, smartphones and tablets
User management
Settings for permissions and user access
2 factor authentication to verify user identity