Marketing application development and algorithmization of mathematical specifications

We were asked by our long-term partner to participate in the development of a marketing application for one of their clients – a global digital marketing agency – focused on planning and digital innovation in the area of out-of-home advertising. During our collaboration we were helping with very particular issues.

Digging deeper

  • Third party advertising algorithm was implemented based on specifications
  • The specification was written mathematically not algorithmically and a lot of things were left out or summarized
  • The implementation produced a lot of errors when compared to control results
  • Error messages were reduced to basic formulation of numbers not adding up without any results or procedures to fall back on
  • Algorithmization based of mathematical specifications
  • Backend development of the advertising platform that was built on Azure technologies


Use Cases

Proprietary platform
Network of planning systems that are connected to advertisement placements
Audience interaction
Uses interactive elements like QR codes.
Audience targeting
Usage of data and tools with analysis to find creative ways of engagements