Online flight ticket booking engine

With the increasing availability of flight transportation, more and more people every year use airplanes as means of travel. While it is the fastest option for long distance travel, people started using it even for shorter distances. Airline companies also started offering cheap flights to various tourist destinations that are being used by people for weekend getaways. Airline companies and travel agencies rely almost entirely on online booking systems to purchase flight tickets.

Our developers work closely with our long-term partner on development of their online ticket booking system. The solution is developed for travel agencies to integrate the engine into their websites to provide flight ticket search options directly from the website of the travel agency. The system is not limited to flight tickets only but also offers booking options for train tickets, hotels and associated travel insurance.

Digging deeper

  • The engine is built on C++ and React (framework Next.js)
  • Helped with the implementation of queries to external systems
  • Expanded the application with the option for anonymous bookings and message forwarding from airline carriers to travel agencies
  • Implemented an option to book 2 one-way tickets instead of a return ticket, which is a extensive functionality with complicated rules and required a lot of testing
  • Development of the ticket search engine to display airline notes and to offer tickets in alternative currencies
  • Created a tool for corporate clients to book flights and hotels in a mobile application
  • Implemented settings for automatic ticketing
  • Expansion of data offered to clients to include train and bus connections
  • Integration of new data sources for ticket sales
  • Resolving API documentation mismatch
  • Redesigning the destinations tables to meet new requirements
  • Localization into Croatian
  • Worked on data processing and storage
  • Development of endpoints of local API
  • Preparing dynamic C++ code analysis
  • Writing automated tests
  • Various bug fixing
  • Enticing others to use more English (both in code and communication) in order to make the team more international


Use Cases

Integration of the search engine with websites of travel agencies
Many options
Provides access to legacy airlines, low cost carriers around the world and supports NDC standard
Not only air travel
Besides air transportation, the system offers search and booking of train tickets and hotels
Convenient payments
Supports many payment gateways across the world
Flight watchdog
Keeping track of price development of watched flights
Detailed search
Multi-transfers search, searching surrounding days, searching from more origins, weekend fares search
Consumer protection
Protection from non-guaranteed bookings that were not confirmed by the airline
Many other features
Seat booking, meal preferences, data exports, automated e-ticketing, etc.
Ability to customize design of the search engine and set up custom fees.