Setting up a new development team, project management and software architecture

Eprovement provided our software architect to our client to help them set up a new project that involves a lot of sensitive data. Immediately, he was put in charge of 20 people who participated in the development of the project and used a wide range of applications and tools.

Digging deeper

  • Leading and coordinating the entire development team and the whole project
  • Provision of inputs for every role within the team
  • Project management responsibilities later moved to a different colleague
  • Solving the technical aspects of the application and the quality of the source code from the point of a software architect
  • Expanding the development and analytics teams, participating in the interview process
  • Designing microservices architecture, distributed transactions and also designing solutions in the customer’s enterprise environment
  • Helping the project manager who participated in the project only from the business point of view due to changes within the company