Dynamic pricing engine to automate pricing of products

Our developers are working with our client on an engine that automates the pricing of client’s products. The pricing is based on the competitors’ products and the company does price matching on their own products. Price proposals are created from these data according to various rules and filters. These proposals are approved automatically or manually through an internal application controlling the engine.

Digging deeper

  • Development of an engine that automates pricing of products that are being sold by the client
  • Creation of price groups for product categories
  • Launching a pricing policy (way of creating price suggestions for individual products)
  • Pricing can be approved automatically or manually through an internal application
  • The internal application is used to control the engine
  • Mathematicians work with different models and create reports
  • Reports are based on various metrics (revenue, shrink – how many products are not sold due to expiration, etc.)
  • Maintenance of developed parts of the application
  • Working in a truly agile mode
  • Cooperation with testers, business intelligence analysts, scrum master, product owner
  • The team works with the latest technologies
  • Training new team members