Creation of proof of concepts and framework accelerators

Our developers joined our partner’s internal development team under their center of excellence focused on manufacturing and transportation solutions. Their main client focuses on manufacturing equipment and engines and their software division creates solutions that gather and analyze ship data, provide users with real-time information and a number of useful metrics and reports to help predict potential failures and improve operational efficiency. The team we joined focuses on following current trends regarding IT, manufacturing and transportation and creation of various “proof of concepts” and accelerators for use on future projects.

Digging deeper

  • Keeping track of current projects and used technologies to record current know-how of the company and identifying room for improvement to stay competitive
  • Presentation of demos and projects to visitors from external companies at presentation meetings
  • Support in writing case studies for business and tender materials for new projects
  • Working on accelerators for various IoT and Edge computing frameworks
  • Creation of working proof of concept of transferring sensor data over edge device and AWS cloud with realtime post-processing
  • Documentation of the process of implementing a similar solution through the open source EdgeX Foundry project
  • Working on a similar implementation using open source Eclipse IoT
  • Presentations of the IoT work to external companies on quarterly presentation meetings
  • Working on proof of concept of using freely available data to detect ship engine wear