Application predicting compressor performance

We are building a new application from the ground up, which is used to predict compressor performance. Originally, the functionality was created in a complicated way in Excel sheets. We were able to deliver the first working version to the customer within the first 3 months, which was a great success. The application massively simplifies the work for users. We are currently working on major functionalities to develop the application further.

Digging deeper

  • The application is used by different types of users (Admin, Customer, Internal Users, etc.)
  • Access control and rights were implemented into the application for different users to see certain functionalities in the system accordingly
  • Admin / User uploads a data file and by setting various parameters the data, graphs, etc. are displayed
  • The application is connected to a different application to monitor compressor performance in real time, including historical data
  • Uses a custom created a library that stores and displays gas information