Satellite data processing software

Our developers are helping our client from the energy sector to develop a solution for data processing. These data are coming from various external sources and are used for road coverage and calculation of the most efficient maneuvers with oversized cargo on these roads. The entire solution consists of several applications that cooperate closely with each other.

Digging deeper

  • Processing data from external sources such as GPS navigation or satellites
  • Data are being processes for a predefined area
  • Data are used for road coverage and the most efficient maneuvers calculations and visualization
  • The solution is cloud based and consists of several applications
  • Working in a smaller team of 10 people located in Slovakia and USA
  • Implementation of a new logic and modification of old logic for different modules of the project
  • Testing functionalities on different types of data
  • Test report generation and review to identify functionality improvements
  • Creation of automated tests, maintenance of code purity and solving security vulnerabilities