Software for documenting installations of power turbines

Our developers joined our partner’s team to help them develop several internal applications for their client that manufactures and installs power generation machinery. The developed applications include a web application used to keep track of documentation for turbine installations that is being used mostly by internal managers, some parts could be also used directly by customers but it requires a permission.

Digging deeper

  • Our developers joined one of 10 teams working on the applications
  • Teams are agile and use SCRUM approach
  • The team include backend, frontend developers, database integrators, product owner and testers
  • Rebuilding the application from the old version to the new one – to make it more simplified for the user
  • Most of the backend is written in .NET 6 but some parts are still written in .NET 4.8
  • Older parts of the applications are still maintained and will later be migrated
  • Applications are deployed in Azure using CI/CD approach


Use Cases

Detailed documentation
Creator’s name, model used, packages, locations, etc.
Parameters of turbines with technical drawings
Photos of the machinery and installations
Maintenance records
Maintenance dates and service history