Ensuring the efficiency of development and team coordination

Our long-term client needed help with a daily agile agenda for their squads. One of our Scrum Masters joined their team to help them with this assignment. The main responsibilities were to ensure the efficiency of development and coordination in the team from inside and outside while developing an Agile mindset in all squad members.

Digging deeper

  • Proposition of improvements to increase the efficiency of work
  • Working towards sustainable and reliable engineering delivery
  • Implementation of improvements to processes that brought more precise definition of tasks, increased effectiveness of meetings and better stakeholder management
  • Increasing the number of team members from 2 to 11
  • Ensuring everything worked well in collaboration with the tech lead
  • Improving cooperation between team members (team is now well-coordinated)
  • Ensuring the team has enough support
  • Maximizing usage of the team and optimizing the number of team members as well as the organization
  • Voicing concerns about shortcomings in communicating business requirements to the team