Helping a bank to increase its efficiency and competitiveness

Our programmers joined an internal development team of one of the key players in banking sector in the Czech Republic and their mission was to integrate internet bank with the bank’s core and to develop a completely new component for the bank’s needs. As of 2018, our developers are still taking part in developing and upgrading the bank’s systems.

Digging Deeper

  • development of a new component - new loans for physical entities entrepreneurs.
  • integration of internet bank with the bank's core
  • our programmers joined the bank's internal development team
  • development in SCRUM methodology

Used Technologies

Number of Man Days we spent programming

Java 7

5100 100% Complete

Spring Boot

2500 49% Complete


2100 42% Complete

Oracle DB

1800 35% Complete


1800 35% Complete


1600 30% Complete