Technical solution for a language proficiency support software

We helped to develop a tool with the main goal to efficiently increase learners’ language skills. The software uses spaced repetition algorithm that evaluates answers and tailors the learning experience to user’s level. To make the tool the best of its kind, cooperation with linguists and native speakers during the development was ensured. The tool is capable of progress tracking and pinpointing one’s weaknesses.

Digging Deeper

  • adifferent take on the topic of learning
  • spaced repetition algorithm ensures an efficient learning curve
  • cooperation with native speakers, linguists and skilled lecturers during the development
  • questions and sentence compositions are crafted to be relatable in real-life situations
  • cognitive psychology input
  • currently supports only English language

Used Technologies

Number of Man Days we spent programming


5100 100% Complete

Angular JS

2500 49% Complete

Angular Material

2100 42% Complete


1800 35% Complete


1500 29% Complete


1500 29% Complete


1200 23% Complete


900 17% Complete

Use Cases

Permanent improvement

The software is improved regularly

Online tool

Always ready to start your lesson

Spaced Repetition Algorithn

Special approach for better results

Optimized layout

Easy to use = easy to learn