Insurance claims management system

Our developers joined a big insurance corporate group operating in Austria, Central and Eastern Europe and helped them develop several critical applications. Their work consisted of developing 4 different applications focused on providing different types of insurance. The applications were used primarily by insurance company agents, external partners and damages experts. Insurance company employees then used the applications to pay out insurance claims and manage the whole workflow of either damage event or medical injury.

Digging Deeper

  • Development of 4 business critical applications focusing on insurance claims
  • The applications supported 3 types of insurance – health, life and car insurance
  • Identification and subsequent correction of errors in the applications
  • Applications were developed in Java and communicated with external systems such as SAP, Pentaho and other customized database servers
  • Identified errors were required to be fixed according to a defined SLA process
  • Working on a smaller agile team of 3 backend developers
  • SCRUM methodology with daily standups was used
  • The entire development process was done on 3 different environments
  • These environments include – test, integration and production
  • While the developers had full access to the test environment, the integration and production environments were managed by the customer.
  • New releases were done quarterly