Electronic filing service

We helped develop our partner a modern application that ensures the operation of a filing service. The system is modular, consists of multiple applications and supports more complex processes related to receiving and handling documents. It covers the entire document life cycle and complies with the relevant legislation. The application has a vast number of automation mechanisms that make the work with documents easier for the users.

Digging deeper

  • Creating the architecture of the system
  • Integration and implementation of the system
  • Presentation layer is designed as a standalone application
  • The service logic is processed by a number of services forming a platform
  • For data persistence, the application uses a file system, relational database and ElasticSearch technology
  • The system consists of more than 30 different components (modules)


Use Cases

Simplified process of digitization of the file system
Setting up templates or different types of documents
Scanning, marking and processing of incoming documents
Authentication, signing and time-stamping of documents
Execution of automated processes based on structured rules
Contracts anonymization before publication
Administrative activities related to the processing of contracts
Report creation, displaying and printing data in the form of a summary
Fast registration of emails and documents from MS Outlook and MS Word into the filing service