Gamified mobile application for salespeople’s ranking and competitiveness

Our mobile application, primarily running in DHL colors, was specifically developed for the mentioned partner. The application ranks the best salesmen based on points gained, while being heavily gamified, creates and supports competitive environment between salespeople on all levels from local up to worldwide. We can customize the application for any company’s needs.

Digging Deeper

  • mobile appliaction to help and motivate sales team for better results using gamification features
  • salespeople's rankings (local/area/state/ country/worldwide)
  • custom competitions with points rewards
  • trophies are gained by winning competitions (platinum, gold, silver, bronze)
  • trophies rareness is based on the percentage of users having them
  • ability to filter salesmen by Area, Organization and Channel

Used Technologies

Number of Man Days we spent programming


2500 49% Complete

Angular Ionic

2100 42% Complete

Node JS

1800 35% Complete

Use Cases

Data Import

Importing of data from CRM system


Authentication of the existing CRM users to SGAP


Leveling, Ranking, Competitions, Campaigns, Trophies

Company search

Integration of company information from Wikipedia and SimilarWeb

Social features

Following of other users, News feed, Sharing on social networks