Platform for candidates' skills assessment and team management

Talent management system, as we call it, helps hirers to evaluate candidate's skills and abilities, simplifying the entire hiring process. The platform contains thousands of test questions from various areas making it a great solution for company's employees evaluation. Team management part of the platform helps to create a well-balanced and effective team composition.

Digging Deeper

  • platform for testing and evaluating skills of employees
  • pinpoint strengths and weaknesses
  • easy team management
  • keeping track of employees’ improvements
  • possible implementation into company’s rewarding system – rewards based on the track of employees’ achievements
  • leveling and ranking as a form of motivation for doing tests

Used Technologies

Number of Man Days we spent programming


5100 100% Complete


2500 49% Complete

Angular JS

2100 42% Complete


1800 35% Complete


1500 29% Complete


1200 23% Complete


900 17% Complete


800 15% Complete

CSS Bootstrap

600 12% Complete

Use Cases

Test your employees

Pick one of our online tests and send invitation to all your employees

Unique tests

Test questions are generated randomly so employees can't share their answers

Easy to customize

You can easily customize individual tests to cover only topics of your interest

Review test results

You can review test results of all your employees online

Any team weakness?

Discover what your team's weakness is via thorough test result report

Whom to task?

Your team report allows you to quickly find the best talent for given task