Cloud solution for an analysis of innovative ideas with the biggest potential

An interesting take on evaluating of innovative ideas using a public opinion. The platform groups ordinary people, employees from various companies operating in different sectors, freelancers, investors and so on. Everyone has the option to present their idea and can vote on someone’s ideas. After the vote the software analyzes the market potential of every idea.

Digging Deeper

  • cloud software to collect and analyze ideas with the biggest market potential
  • public testing as a form of research treatment – measuring the views of a specific population
  • forming of a majority opinion
  • testing exists in two forms – contributing with own ideas, evaluating existing ideas
  • prices for every competition
  • prices are announced in an invitation before the testing takes place
  • the application efficiently ombines thinking of people from various parts of the organization and the society
  • motivation for employees to engage in the innovation process

Used Technologies

Number of Man Days we spent programming


5100 100% Complete


2500 49% Complete


2100 42% Complete


1800 35% Complete


1500 29% Complete


1200 23% Complete


900 17% Complete

Use Cases

Inventing ideas

Allows users to invent new ideas to innovate products, services, processes, user experiences or new opportunities for organization development

Cooperation and idea development

Everyone has the option to cooperate with other users using their own knowledge and experience

Virtual Market

All ideas are moved to the virtual market where every participant is given a virtual currency to spend on the most successful ideas


Virtual market can predict the most successful ideas worth pursuing for companies