A different take on the topic of authentication

One of our partners needed help with creation of a new solution for a stronger type of authentication. We helped their team to develop a new type of authentication based on user interaction. The user interaction works in a form of challenges for which the user needs to find a solution.

Digging Deeper

  • implementation of a plugin for Strong Authentication Server
  • plugin is used for a new type of authentication – based on user interaction called “Challenge/Response Authentication”
  • authentication server generates a challenge for a user (challenge can be a number)
  • user takes the challenge and with his authentication device generates an answer
  • authentication server validates whether the answer is correct or not
  • part of agile (Scrum) development team
  • database type depends on the first configuration with more options (Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL…)
  • fixing issues on authentication server after plugin implementation
  • server is developed in Java 7 with a lot of frameworks in every module e.g. Spring, GWT

Used Technologies

Number of Man Days we spent programming

Java 8

2500 49% Complete

JMock(used for proper simulations)

2100 42% Complete


1800 35% Complete


1200 32% Complete

Oracle, MySQL, MsSQL

900 23% Complete

Use Cases

DB compatibility

Ready to use a wide range of DB technologies


Based on user interaction - Challenge / Response Authentication

Dual functionality tests

Local (Virtual Machine) and remote (remote server)


Numerous hours spent on optimization and stability improvement

Sever Compatibility

A lot of frameworks in every authentication server module