Internal bank application

web application


Internal bank application

web application


Digging Deeper

Portal Solution

  • creation of a new robust solution for the portal for employees and to support the creation of an external microsite
  • development of a framework - provides common parts for both the internal and the external version {more details}
    • two independent applications (so-called Portal and Administration) strictly separated from each other
    • not possible to change the content from the portal side, only allowed by the Administration application
  • existing instances: {more details}
    • Intranet - employees only
    • SSO support
    • Loading data from banking systems
    • Displaying the document according to the granted privileges
    • Social intranet – place where everyone can write – ability to communicate with the whole company
    • simplifies and accelerates the process of creation of a page in a corporate environment


  • solution supports versioning and previewing
  • changes are not available until the user chooses the time of the publication or are published immediately
  • changes are made to end users after the publication {more details}
    • unpublished changes can be discarded without affecting the published version
    • during the entire process the administrator can view the preview
    • the bank created a great amount of administration but stopped working with the end of Weblogic’s paid solution support
    • it was necessary to rewrite all applications before the end of support

Saifu - mobile wallet

  • mobile application allows the cardholder to pay using Android Pay (NFC)
  • allows payments at selected merchants to collect cashback (money which will be paid back to the current account)
  • allows interaction with a customer {more details}
    • after the payment it can show a particular customer a specific message
    • the customer will have the opportunity to rate, download the bill and save it
  • can generate a one-time payment card for online payments – payments become more secure than standard card payments
  • the generated card can be used only once – in case of information leak, there is no possibility of misuse
  • only available for Android
  • the application will be released at the beginning of 2018

Used Technologies

Number of Man Days we spent programming


5100 100% Complete


2500 49% Complete


2100 42% Complete


1800 35% Complete

Hazelcast - cache and messaging

1500 29% Complete


1200 23% Complete

Core Banking comunication

900 17% Complete

Use Cases

Template versioning

Administrator can change the page layout and prepare several versions


Administrator sees changes before publication

Safe lock

Unpublished changes can be discarded without affecting the published version

Secured structure

External and internal applications are strictly separated, impossible to change the content from the external part


Allows to collect cashback at selected merchants

Customer interaction

Shows a particular customer a specific message

Bill manipulation

Ability to rate, download and save the bill

Generated payment card

One-time payment card generation for increased security